DayZ #1

- English only in Global chat.
- Keep the global chat related to DayZ, do not spam about unnecessary topics.
- Do not discriminate or harass people. We have 0 tolerance towards this.
- NO use of inappropriate nicknames or clan tags.
- NO loot cycling is allowed, not under any circumstances.
- NO use of alternate account(s) to avoid a ban on the main account. This will result in a permanent ban for the Alternate account and additional time added to the main account.

You are not allowed to give call outs of players/base locations in side chat.

Things that you can be refunded for: Anything that has been lost due to a bug, server-crash or if you have been hit by someone breaking the rules of the server. Remember to have some sort of proof for this.

A screenshot or a video of what happened is a valid proof. Things we do not refund: Cars: Drive your cars carefully we have the mod for no vehicle damage. So, if you end up on the roof of the car, gets stuck on rocks or in a fence take that as a lesson to drive more carefully the next time you drive a vehicle. It is DayZ we are playing.
• • 2021-03-20 •

Base Building
- Your base can be a maximum of 3 Simple Base-walls in width and 2 walls high. If you are already building in a structure, then a maximum of 1 Simple Base walls high on top of the building.

- You are not allowed to build on high-loot buildings, for example of military or industrial kind. This includes hospitals & police stations.
-You are not allowed to build an unrealistic base. The base need to look like it could stand IRL.
- You cannot build anywhere within 800m of any trader.
- You cannot build anywhere within 500m of any military location marked on the map.
- You cannot build anywhere on/over any of the roads.
- You cannot build around Water Wells. - You are not allowed to use more than 8 Codelocks in a base (includes the use of codelocks on tents). Door stacking is not allowed, build your gates/doors no closer then half a wall length between. (This means you can have 3 gates in one wall length.)
- A base cannot be unraidable. If it has no way to enter when raiding, then an admin will open it up.
- As a group you are only allowed to have 1 base.
- It is not allowed to take over an enemy base (changing codelocks etc).
- Bases that do not follow these rules will be REMOVED or partly DELETED!

• • 2021-03-20 •


- You are not allowed to use any glitches, bugs or exploits to gain an unfair advantage in combat. This also includes stream sniping.
- It is forbidden to log out while you are in combat
->This also includes raiding and entering another base uninvited. After being in combat, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes before you can log out. Remember beeing in combat includes, getting shot and being shot at.

• • 2021-03-20 •
- Do not abuse Trader god mode to escape death or combat
- Do not attack players within 500m of Traders.
- Do not troll people i.e. opening/closing people’s cars doors, taking radiators out (not stealing parts), blocking people in buildings etc
- Do not steal or grief in traders.
- Do not run into Safe Zones during a combat situation (you must wait at least 5 minutes after interaction with another player before entering SZ or logging out).
- Do not cut trees in traders.
- Do not block, troll, scream or abuse the microphone at trader zones.
- Do not steal or pick up items from other players if they drop or try to trade with another player, however if they throw the item away or leave it there is no issues with taking it.
- Do not camp trader cities.
- Do not store vehicles or loot at trader or safe zone. Doing so will get the vehicle/loot deleted after a period of time.
• • 2021-03-20 •
- You are only allowed to use the Sledgehammer when raiding from the outside. If you manage to get in by boosting or in another legal way you can raid with tools to take down doors, gates or hatches from the inside.

- You can raid and loot another base. But not steal it or grief it. This includes changing codelocks.
- You are only allowed to destroy entrances. That includes doors, gates.
- You are not allowed the use exploits or glitches/bugs to get in or out of a base.

- You are not allowed to grief any of the loot from an enemy base. You can only take the loot that you want. The loot that is left after the raid must be stored in some sort of storage, so it will not despawn. If you want to take a storage container you must bring what is inside or put it in another container.

- You are allowed to boost raid. The maximum amount of people to be used when boost raiding is 3 on top of each other. You can also use 1 car to stand on when boosting. So, the total maximum to be used is 3 people and 1 car when boosting.
- You are not allowed to build or use any kits to climb over and into an enemy base.
- You can use 1 Barrel to boost into an enemy base. The use of the barrel can only be used when you are alone to raid and you cannot combine it with a car.

• • 2021-03-20 •