About us

DiGiViZ Gaming Community

Who are we and what are we about? It is easy to find active groups for a singular game, but finding a group that expanded in to other interests was a challenge, most communities were born to only exist in a singular game, and they lived and died with that game. So in March 2019 DiGiViZ was born, the idea was simple, to build a group of players where no matter what game you wanted to play there would always be someone at hand and that you knew that was willing to play alongside you! So here we are! Welcoming you to the DiGiViZ gaming community, we believe success operates in active moments and not in idleness, and because of this we are always looking forwards towards the next challenge to allow our streamers, content producers and gamers to continually grow at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Community Rules 
what do we expect from you, and what you can expect from us Like any civilised group, we believe rules are essential to providing a safe, ordered and stable environment. For convenience on our Discord server we have;

1. Disabled singular message notifications – This means the only time you should receive a notification is if your name or a member role you have assigned has been mentioned in the chat. Usually this happens to bring your attention to a new announcement for the server or a game you’re a member off, or if someone is trying to get your attention. All tags are moderated, and members abusing these powers will have theirs taken away.
2. Disabled the everyone tags by all accounts except by a Community Admin who will only use this on a server announcement post. This is to prevent abuse. 3. Members who have informed us and given us permission to track their Twitch account will send out notifications to a designated channel when they start streaming, it will tag all members. In exchange we do expect the following from all our members, new or old alike; 1. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role. 2. No posting of spam (outside of the designated channel), or sharing of anyone else’s personal information without consent.
3. No excessive tagging of other members repeatedly or without need.
4. Harassment (public or through private messages), pornographic, abusive, hate speech, excessive swearing or any other kind of discriminatory act will not be tolerated.
5. No links or posts may contain advertisements of any kind. If in doubt, speak to a Community Admin or Community Moderator who will be able to assist you.
6. We expect all members to speak English, with no excessive use of voice changers or sound boards. . . .

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Website: https://www.digiviz-gaming.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/392690664889632/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digivizgaming/